• Hot rolled pickled and oiled

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  • Cold rolled annealed

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  • Hot Dipped Galvanized

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  • Tinplate

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Cold Rolled

Rolled in our exceptional five-stand, six-high cold mill and annealed on our state-of-the-art continuous annealing facility USS-POSCO Industries Cold Rolled Annealed has exceptionally tight gauge and shape performance, superior mechanical properties, and top-of-the-line surface quality.

USS-POSCO Industries produces cold rolled annealed steel with quality that is unsurpassed. Our product is virtually blemish free, electrolytically clean, dead flat and has gauge control that is unparalleled. Mechanical properties are also consistent end to end and edge to edge because of our continuous annealing process.

Markets with critical surface and shape requirements ask for “USS-POSCO like” quality. For less critical applications, USS-POSCO Industries’ superior quality allows our customers to increase productivity through their own operations. USS-POSCO Industries’ superior delivery performance, reduced lead time programs, and manufacturing flexibility shortens your supply chain allowing for reduced inventory investment. Our goal is to make doing business with USS-POSCO Industries easy and to be a contributor to improving your company’s bottom line.

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Shape ⅓ ASTM Flatness Standards
Steelmaking 100% Continuously Cast Al Killed Steels
Dimensions Thickness Annealed and Temper Rolled .0136" MIN to .0850" NOM
Full Hard Bands .0150" MIN to .0930" NOM
Width Up to 55” in most gauges
Coil Size ID: 20”
OD: 78” or 1260 PIW
Max. Wt. 50,000 lbs.
Finish Light Matte is standard
Matte is subject to inquiry
Surface Treatment Dry or Oiled
RoHS and REACH Compliant
Grades ASTM A1008 DDS, DS, CS, SS, HSLAS