• Hot rolled pickled and oiled

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  • Cold rolled annealed

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  • Hot Dipped Galvanized

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  • Tinplate

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Cold Rolled Annealed, Tin Plate, Tin Free Steel

USS-POSCO Industries is the oldest producer of tin plated material for the container industry in the western United States. Drawability, as well as world class gauge control, shape and surface appearance, make our tin mill products top-of-the-line. Welded can makers are able to increase production efficiency because of the level of quality received throughout the length of the coil - consistent and unwavering. There is minimal waste, superior surface quality, and higher production efficiency.

Our technology makes us the leader in the sophisticated and critically sensitive applications of drawn and iron cans, and draw-redraw cans. Formability is the property most desired by our customers and is one of USS-POSCO Industries’ greatest strengths. Strict gauge control prevents jamming and material related line-stops that are debilitating for can-making facilities with sensitive dies.

USS-POSCO Industries superior delivery performance, reduced lead time programs, and manufacturing flexibility increases your capability to supply to your end use markets and also allowing for reduced inventory investment. Our goal is to make doing business with USS-POSCO Industries easy and to be a contributor to improving your bottom line.

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