Inside Sales Representatives

USS-POSCO is supremely dedicated to satisfaction in customer service. Our Inside Sales Representatives are always willing to assist you. Coupled with fast delivery cycles, online accessibility of order information, and leading-edge inventory management, USS-POSCO's customer-oriented approach is sure to satisfy your business needs.

Gary Davis - Inside Sales Supervisor Phone: 925.439.6820 Email:

Sheet Mill Products

John Torres Phone: 925.439.6172 Email:
Diana Lopez Phone: 925.439.6052 Email:
Krystal Ramos Phone: 925.439.6454 Email:
Steven Rosales Phone: 925.439.6584 Email:
Aaron Kim Phone: 925.439.6675 Email:
Edna Momb Phone: 925.439.6272 Email:
Joanie Wagner Phone: 925.439.6503 Email:

Tin Mill Products

Maecy Jelly Phone: 925.439.6630 Email: